When you communicate with your bank, investors or stakeholders you want to feel confident in your financial information. GWC offers trusted advisors to assist you in enhancing the reliability of financial information. Our assurance services can help you meet the challenges of managing risk, resources and information. We work with you to help you understand what the risks are and how to face them. Robust independence is a core value against which all of our services and people are assessed.

Year-round engagement and no surprises

We believe that an audit or assurance engagement is more than an annual visit to perform year end fieldwork and discuss the audit findings. We stay engaged with you year-round to identify potential issues early to help ensure a “no surprise” audit. We devote the necessary time discussing and understanding your priorities and concerns in order to offer the most thoroughly thought out and researched perspectives. Our advice will always be proper, pragmatic and prompt. We work with you as a team — closely, consistently and constructively.

Not just numbers –  add value to your audit

GWC offers more than just a financial audit. Through our value-added approach we examine how financial and non-financial information flows and the impact it has on your financial statements. We’ll help you identify and address key risks that affect your financial results. We’ll help you find the opportunities to improve your business  and your bottom line.

On-site and face-to-face

At GWC, our partners and managers are actively involved in the planning and execution of the audit. More face-to-face time with partners gives you direct access to the professionals most familiar with your business. Our senior professionals are frequently on site with you to lead the discussions and build a stronger relationship with your team. Together we can identify emerging issues early in the process. Our valuable industry experience helps you identify audit issues specific to your sector.

Leveraging use of technology in each engagement

GWC uses the latest version of Caseware for our audit engagements. This state of the art documentation management system allows us to integrate documents from various software programs, import accounting data from numerous accounting software packages and perform audit procedures at the your site as well as our office. With this flexibility we can plan, perform and review our audits in an effective and efficient manner.

Our Audit and Assurance services include:

  • Review engagements and preparation of corporate returns;
  • Audit engagements and preparation of corporate returns; and
  • Special reports regarding other financial information including projections and forecasts.


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